Press Releases

Notice that we publicly share our intentions well in advance and honour our recent achievements.

Nov 30, 2024 - Proposals Tool

We're building the worlds best proposals tool. We'll make it in stages, starting with project information sheets and team bios, then combine these with generative models trained on earlier winning proposals to move toward a complete system. It will be beautiful and easy to use.

Feb 14, 2024 - Anniversary

Launched a year ago, Cloud 49 is becoming the defacto practice management platform for architecture firms that want to do more with less.

Cloud 49 is an intelligent platform to streamline operations, maintain a consistent brand presence, enhance team well-being, and optimize financial health.

Oct 31, 2023 - Launched AI Knowledge Resource

Imagine a private AI that ingests content in virtually any format and then converses knowledgeably on it. With Cloud 49 this is now a reality and is the most efficient way to share information in a team.


February 14, 2023 - Public Launch

Cloud 49 launched as a public offering to architects everywhere.

Battle-tested by early adopters, it's been delivering a competitive advantage for a few years.

As an approachable operations platform on a mission, it's capturing architects' imaginations and gaining interest.

Lovable time-entry - Launched Oct 31, 2022

Build the simplest, most intelligent, and most beautiful time entry system on the market, and integrate it with the most popular accounting software. What's not to love!