Upcoming for 2023


Cloud 49 is focused on building new stuff and supporting you in ways that add more value to your operations and bottom line.

Year in Review

2022 saw over 300 software releases that brought new features, better performance, improved design, and restructuring to give the platform a sure footing.

The biggest project of 2022 was a unique time-entry system designed for project-centric organizations.

What's Next

Public launch as Cloud 49

Cloud 49 has served several customers over the years but has yet to launch to the public (until now).


The overarching mission of Cloud 49 continues. Supporting client operations by:

  1. interconnecting staff across departmental divides,
  2. enhancing and sharing data to provide insight and efficiencies,
  3. improving workflows,
  4. and above all (recognizing that organizational success comes from happy people) inspiring confidence and creativity.

Collaborative Features

Cloud 49 goes beyond apps that perform a single function for one individual. Its power derives from 3 multiplier effects:

  1. connecting members of your team,
  2. interconnecting teams across departmental and organizational divides,
  3. data-pooling between functional modules.

Recognizing these 'network' effects, Cloud 49 will build a new collaboration engine that will power increased collaborative features in several modules.

AI Augmentation

Has an unexpected feature ever made you smile? When done right, machine intelligence makes our work more enjoyable and productive. Now that AI is becoming more accessible, we're uncovering subtle ways to improve your workflows.