Upcoming for 2024


We're proud of and very focused on Cloud 49 's potential to transform architectural firms' operations, leading to increased efficiency, improved client satisfaction, and a healthier work-life balance for the team. 2024 is shaping up similarly.

Year in Review

2023 saw hundreds of software releases bringing new features, better performance, and improved design. We launched two best-in-class apps for Cloud 49 , Time and Ask, created after much research and obsessive focus on user experience.

What's Next

New Proposals Tool

We will build a ground-breaking proposals tool, which we first brainstormed and floated as an idea a few months ago. We'll make it in stages, starting with project information sheets and team bios. Then, we will combine these with models trained on earlier winning proposals to move toward a complete system. Expect the world's best proposal system to be available by Nov 30, 2024.

Improved Prospecting Tools

As you know, it's critical to maintain a consistent flow of new work in architecture. Still, current sales tools are too fragmented, and the leading CRMs are disappointing.

With Cloud 49 's prospecting and publicity tools, we're looking at better integration with LinkedIn and some revolutionary new features.


Leaders in architecture face challenges in streamlining operations, maintaining a consistent brand presence, enhancing team well-being, and optimizing financial health. Cloud 49 's mission remains to address these pain points.

Considering Cloud 49 's unique role as an organizational database, we envision it as machine intelligence paired with corporate data to help clients leverage the gold mine that is their data. We'll do this in ways that elevate the team.


Cloud 49 goes beyond apps that perform a single function for one individual. Its superpower derives from 3 multiplier effects:

  1. connecting members of your team,
  2. interconnecting teams across departmental and organizational divides,
  3. data-pooling between functional modules.

Cloud 49 will find new ways to leverage these 'network effects.'