Data Repository

Gaining Insight from Data

Cloud49 is Machine Intelligence paired with Corporate Data that enables clients to leverage the gold mine that is their data.

Most organizations have a wealth of financial (and other) critical information locked in accounting, contracts, and project management software that needs to communicate. Consolidating organizational data from a host of sources, and presenting it elegantly, can be game-changing.

For example, Cloud 49 leverages data from its time-entry module, its contracts & billing module, and accounting software to generate near-real-time project forecasts for project managers and leaders.

Leveraging existing data to improve business outcomes

Enhancing, augmenting, centralizing, consolidating, & sharing data may be boring, but we'd better take note because it can add 10% to our bottom line.

Improving our organizational data across the board will reduce unnecessary data entry, improve data accuracy, and increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

Enhancing Data

Enhancing data means making it more accurate, correcting errors, standardizing its format, and merging duplicate data, which helps your team work smarter.

Cloud 49 standardizes, internationalizes, and de-duplicates contact information. It builds a history of each person's touch-points. It augments project data from multiple sources.

Centralizing & Sharing Data

Does your organization migrate or re-write its content every few years for the website overhaul? Do staff have to enter the same data in more than one place?

Data entry is a chore, so let's enter data once, enhance and augment automatically (refer to the sections above), and share it with other systems.

Cloud 49 offers a data repository that bridges traditional departmental divides (project teams, IT, business development, marketing, accounting, contracts, and leadership). It shares data with other systems via modern APIs and uses standard data formats (where available).