Friendly Robots

The digital space of 2023 was fraught with narratives like "Going Analog," "The Tech Reset," "Fragmentation," and "The Digital Divide." not to mention the furore around ChatGPT and AI in general.

Some knowledge workers have switched almost entirely from Google search to ChatGPT, a quiet but seismic shift. Nobody can deny that it is significantly faster to ask ChatGPT than to find the needle in a haystack of content.

As with trains, planes, and the internet, AI is (just) another technological upgrade that ushers modest change and a changed tech-giant landscape. What remains true is that individuals and organizations that are technology-agnostic (open to new technology) will be more productive and flourish in the business space.

Considering Cloud49's unique role as an organizational database, we envision it as Machine Intelligence ←→ Corporate Data to help clients leverage the gold mine that is their data.


As a startup in the software and AI space, Cloud49 leverages machine intelligence to elevate our customers' experience. Whereas OpenAI has trained ChatGPT on public data, your Cloud49 private model trains itself on your corporate data.

The most intelligent machines of tomorrow will have the most straightforward man-machine interface, and they will elevate the team - that's our goal.