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More touch points with staff

The rise of remote and hybrid work arrangements has stretched the cultural fabric of most organizations and pushed more stuff into the cloud. Leaders are uncovering new ways to shape corporate identity and maintain a close-knit team in this new reality.

Projecting Togetherness

People's bond with an organization depends on how they feel on several dimensions.

  1. Does the organization have their back?
  2. Are they valued and respected?
  3. Is the organization on a mission?
  4. Can they contribute meaningfully?
  5. Are there future growth opportunities?
  6. Does or could the organization lead its industry?

A leader creates a strong team by demonstrating and communicating that the above is true.

For example, during the pandemic, one CEO urged employees to support colleagues to achieve work-life balance, be sensitive to family time needs, and stay socially connected.

Cloud 49 includes an internal communications platform that's interactive and welcoming.

More Collaboration - Fewer Meetings

Productivity increases by over 70% when meetings are reduced by 40%.

Do people on your team complain about the lack of time for production work due to endless interruptions and meetings?

Did you know that a purpose-built system can bridge most information deficits without requiring everyone to be in the room?

Cloud 49 analyzes project workflows and traces communication pathways to build information systems that automate routine tasks and communications.

Operations - a patchwork of ad hoc systems

Now architects can replace a boatload of homegrown, independent processes with the first operating system for project-centric organizations.

Cloud 49 provides critical infrastructure to architecture firms taking on ambitious projects.